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Carrie is the main artist of the Shire. She loves to paint, draw and sculpt a swell as enjoying the art of others. She won a school prize for her artwork but does not think of herself as very talented. She usually throws away most of her art. During high school she gave up her art because our mother deemed it a waste of money. Carrie did not question this. She had spent her life trying to diffuse our mother's anger before it erupted and saw this as just another way to prevent and explosion. During our stint at Teacher's College she returned to doing art.

About a year ago Carrie tried to kill herself. It was a personal decision not an attempt on the body's life. She walked into the Mists, a place said to consume all energy. However for some reason it did not kill her, instead it seemed to drain her of all she was, leaving her empty and unresponsive. She has, over time recovered at lot of herself, and although changed by the experience it is good to have her returned. She said she could no longer handle knowing she gave her life away to protect and take care of a woman that wasn't nothing but cruel. She is trying to relearn her place in the world, finding what she wants from life and has recently returned to drawing.

Physical Appearance

Carrie is around 15/16 and has a plump build. She has medium length brown hair that has curl to it. She is a little shy, not to a terrible extent but is reserved around people she doesn't know.