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Celi is incredibly shy, she feels uncomfortable and anxious around people. A rather timid girl that is often bullied by others of the Shire, she has an obsession with cleaning, nothing is ever clean enough for her. If left to her own devices she will scrub an object or area for hours, always finding imperfections. She gets very anxious about people coming to visit if the house doesn't look perfect and will become agitated for days if she knows someone has seen the place "in a state". Her most favourite activity is to iron, and has been known to iron underwear and face cloths. She is a ruthless organiser, throwing out anything she deems not necessary or used. Sometimes this has been known to cause problems when she will delete files from the computer, or throw away important papers.

She also loves music, loves to sing whilst cleaning, although like most of us she has little or no talent when it comes to singing. Her tastes in music tend to be modern and pop orientated. She never likes to sit down, always has to be moving. The closes she gets to resting is to lean on a chair. She does enjoy poetry and probably would right a lot if she could get past her obsession with perfection, even her writing must always look neat and she must never make a mistake in her spelling. This usually means she doesn't try because the mistakes that happen drive her crazy.

Physical Appearance

She has mousy brown hair, usually worn in a single plait down her back. She is tall and a little on the gawky side, with long spindly legs. She is about 16, and usually wears short skirts and no shoes.