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Dem is one of Hari's kids, a group of children that dealt with the times our grandfather would feel remorse, or at least appear to feel remorse for what he was doing. During those times, he would claim to want to stop abusing us and would try to cleanse the past from us. However it is more than likely that this was all just another game because it always ended in abuse that would be blamed on us. For Dem he used to sit off in the corner of the shed and watch all this. He holds a lot of rage towards our grandfather which is also then spilled out onto all men. He believes no man can be trusted and that they all just want to "stick their thing into girls". He talks about the day when he is going to sneak up behind our grandfather and hit him over the head with the axe. He doesn't seem to be able to understand that our grandfather is dead and that the abuse has stopped. When we try to explain that he just responds that one day he is going to smash his head with the axe. Although he is a boy he views all men with suspicion believing that they are capable of and probably want to behave like our grandfather.

Dem is a very angry 10 year old boy. He doesn't have much else of interest to him than plotting revenge for the things done to others in his "family". He keeps himself very isolated from most other people, only really allowing Hari to get close to him. About the only other thing to get his attention is dogs. He has a great love of all dogs and wishes to have one for his own. He will tolerate being around other people if he gets to play with a dog.

Physical Appearance

Dem is a 10 year old boy, with short dark brown hair. He usually has an angry look about him, a sense of contempt for other people. His voice has a growl to it, and he speaks in very short quick words.