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Felena and Devon

One borne from stone, the other borne from air. Two completely different people bonded together by some unknown connection. Childhood friends that grew into lovers. Devon learning to dance in the flowers, Felena learning the strength to stand her ground.

Felena found Devon in her worst moment, and taught her escape to the fields of poppies, to dance in the sun. Taught her of the simple joys, of light and laughter. Devon, returning the gift, stood in front of her friend, listened to the evil words she didn't understand, and in doing so showed Felena that there could be a silent strength in resisting.

What started as a childish friendship grew into a deep love, a bond that seems unbreakable.

It is this love, this intimate relationship that shocked us. It was early days when we saw them, when we were still thinking of multiplicity as a disorder, as simply the fragmented self. It was hard to accept therefore a relationship between two people, a real marriage. It seemed so bizarre, so hard to accept.

By watching these two we were able to see that life in Idia had value, that we were not simply hiding out in there. That Idia has a life of its own, and we could all live that life. As we allowed ourselves to see these two experiencing their life and their relationship we began to accept that we no longer had to hide, that the cloud that tainted Idia could lift again, and once again we could truly accept and experience life there, life as valuable as the Earthen One. I doubt that Felena or Devon would wish to be held up as examples, but they were for us. They gave many of us the ability to see Idia as a valuable life.