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GreyTree is a man of quiet controlled power. He sees no need to announce or display that power which in itself seems to make it even more obvious. He describes himself as a Hunter and Gentleman. In terms of multiplicity, he would definitely fall into the category of protector. He has a strong sense of honour and ethics, believing if you have treated others with respect and dignity, and stayed true to your own ideals, beliefs and standards then you are leading a good life. Although he identifies as Pagan it is more a spiritual connection to the natural world than a religious faith. Generally a contemplative serious man, he has a subtle humour, and a slight wicked streak that often lights his eyes.

He is interested in BDSM and considers himself to be dominant. However from his experience with BDSM communities he has little respect for the male dominants he has met since the majority seem more interested in ego and posturing, being seen as the alpha dog of the pack or just a way to get free kinky sex. He admits however that his experience with such communities are limited and therefore the few he has met may have given him a jaded view in general terms. He is also bisexual, admiring the beauty in the differences of the sexes. Relationships in general, be they romantic or platonic cause problems because he resides in a female body and few know, let alone acknowledge he is male. The lack of male appearance is often a hard thing for him to deal with.

His first experience in the Earthen world was at age 7 when he became aware another little girl was being buried alive. Not wanting her to suffer he took her away somewhere safe and took over her position in the box. Since that time whenever he was aware of some girl that was suffering some sort of physical abuse or torture he would, where possible, rescue her from the experience and replace her. This lead to an extensive, but eclectic abuse history. He never saw it as abuse technically because for him the emotional connection to our abusers wasn't there, rather in his mind it was enduring violence and pain to keep another person safe. Generally it was beatings and physical "punishments" that he endured, however at times we would also take over during confinement or the more endurance type pain. He was never involved in the sexual abuse that was a part of so many of our lives. He never developed a connection to our family, and from an early age considered himself an orphan. Although for public appearances he still calls them my mother, my father etc, for him these are not his parents, nor were they ever really involved in his raising.

Physical Appearance

He is of average male height, not terribly tall but far from short. His hair is a light sandy brown, and he has a short stubby beard. He has steely blue eyes and rather high cheekbones. He has a muscular build of a man that spends a lot of time working outside, with a powerful upper body. He tends to dress in natural colours and plain clothing. He lives a pretty isolated life out in the woods, so his skin tends to be sun worn and his manner quiet and slightly awkward around people he hasn't gotten to know.