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Lesa lives with her two sisters, they are a close knit family. At 10 she is the youngest of the three, and also the most outgoing. She loves animals of all kinds, loves to go to zoo's and will watch any animal documentary. She seems more interested in the wild animals rather than the domesticated varieties, but in general any sort of animal will get her attention. She also has a love for banana, although she has a habit of spreading it around when eating them. She is a serious, rather intellectual child. Like many of us she loves to read, but of course there has to be animals in the book somewhere.

It was the three sisters that dealt with the majority of our lunchtime visits to our grandparents when we were at school. Lesa will not eat anything that hasn't been prepared by her or her oldest sister Lisa. She has a fear about what might be in the food and a strong distrust of anything made with ham. It is believed that she dealt with the more psychological torment rather than the more physical and sexual aspects.

Physical Appearance

She has the typical prepubescent body, tall and scrawny, with thick brown hair and big brown eyes. She has what we affectionately call dumbo ears, ones that seem to stick out a lot more than normal. She generally only wears trousers or shorts, saying skirts get in the road.