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The Librarian

Come on in,.  Welcome to my Library, you can call me Lribrarian, everyone does.  I think, even I have forgotten my given name, been sitting her so long, taking care of my books.  Now sit down, sit down and let me tell you about my library.  There are books here that tell of the life's of every memember of Idia, that were, are and will be.  Ahh, yes, don't look so surprised, there are books, sitting on the shelves waiting just wating for there pages to be filled.   See let me show you.  the story of someones life.  Pages filled with their story.  Pages and pages of their life's events.  And as you can see, here, their story continues, as they live, the words are written on the page.  the words will continue until the last one is spoken, but we should not speak of such things.

Yes, you are right, there are a lot of books.  These here are as I have spoken of, the books of people's lives.  But further back in the darker places are other books.  Thats why I work here, to take care of those books, to protect them and the reader.  The life books, well they take care of themselves mostly, but those ones back there, they are different.  They are mysterious, powerful, and some are dangerous.  Now don't scoff, the word is a powerful tool, and words put together for meaning even more powerful.  These books have been here forever, the words written on them come from a time when the fabric of life wasn't hidden from view, when magic walked and breathed, when people knew there were more things than just want could been seen.  They are the books from those times, and I take care of them.

As you travel on remember words hold true power, they can destroy or create.  Speak them from a true heart and they will serve you well.