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Matthew is an age slider. This means his age moves, in his case between 13 and 19. Although he tends to stay at the older end of the scale except when things are bad for him and he needs to be less mature and have less responsibility. This isn't, however a choice, rather something that happens on its own accord, like instinct. These hard times often revolve around his sexuality, his feelings of desire which he has trouble understanding as not being dangerous or abusive. His role models used their sexuality as a weapon and therefore he finds it hard to distinguish between such normal responses and abusive ones.

He loves sport, in particular basketball and soccer. He refuses to watch rugby saying that it is his rebellion against the rugby culture of where we live. He reads a lot of science fiction, usually older writers like Asimov and Clarke, his favourite book being Contact by Carl Sagan. And he identifies as being gay, something that used to cause him concern but has learnt to accept it is simply part of who he is.

Physical Appearance

He has wavy black hair, and dark brown eyes. On his cheek is a scar from the last battle with Chaos. He is rather shy and reserved until he gets to know a person and then becomes more outgoing. A serious person, with a quiet sense of humour.