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Mira is a mute. She has never spoken a word and it is said she canít speak at all. Occasionally if she tries really hard she is able to make grunting noises but usually doesnít try because she says it is very unattractive. She is very lonely because of her muteness but has learnt to communicate with us through writing which has helped. She is actually very social, loves being around people, but often this is difficult as people donít understand that she is mute when the body isnít. This is hard for many people to understand and they usually reject her because of it. Leaving her feeling lonely and like she has done something wrong.

Mira loves music, popular stuff as well as dance-trance music. She also dances, one of the few that are not ashamed to be seen dancing. When we go out on the few occasions to nightclubs or bars she usually takes over and dances the night away. Mira has a very high self esteem, which carries over to the body. Although the body is not what she would want it to be, she finds it enjoyable, and celebrates its existence. There is a strong sense of the joy of living about her.

Physical Appearance

Mira has dark grey eyes and very long light brown hair that she tends to push out of her face, behind her ear a lot, even when in the body which only has short hair. She has a peaceful look about her, a calmness. She is usually dressed in long skirts or dresses, which tend to be of more soft flowing fabric