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Mouse is six years old and five months. For some reason those five months are important to her and she can become rather annoyed if people forget to mention them. She often appears to be very carefree and happy. She says her two favourite things in the world are ducks and chocolate (if she had her way we would never eat anything else but chocolate). Mouse is very out going, loves to speak to people. This has resulted in her being hurt on a number of occasions when she doesn't understand why the people are no longer friends. She has become a little more cautious about making friends now.

Mouse decided a few years ago that it was going to be her job to teach the other children to have fun. She believes all children should be given the opportunity to play and laugh. She has really taken to this job, creating games and convincing us to go places that the kids might enjoy. She likes to show the children the world isn't all about fear and pain, teaching by example and then stepping back allowing the other children to try.

Physical Appearance

Mouse has a short bob type hair cut, and a slightly upturned nose. She is a small child that likes to wear pretty dresses and the colour yellow.