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Naysayer loves the idea of debates, of challenging opinions and intellectual discussions. He first became really active in this at High School when he used to take opposite views to our friend simply for the chance to argue with her. There was little other chance for discussion as the family were opposed to anything intellectual. He is a man of convictions, although sometimes it is hard to know what those convictions are as he will strongly back any side of the argument simply to keep the discussion going. Probably because of this he is very laid back, seldom becomes angry with others. He has a wide variety of opinions and although will challenge other peopleís opinions is still respectful of them.

He hasnít really had any friends since the girl in High School. He often appears aloof and snobbish, plus it is difficult to get a fix on him as he often seems to have changing opinions and beliefs. He doesnít feel lonely as by his nature he is a loner. He used to be very active on several email lists but lately has found little to inspire him.

Physical Appearance

A middle aged man, probably in his 40ís although his exact age is not really know. His hair is a dirty grey colour, sort of in coils a little like dreadlocks. Like a lot of his tribe his skin is slightly ashen. He has piercing silver eyes.