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Needle has a very bad self image of herself. She believes that her appearance is so vile that if looked upon by others it would be fatal. She believes entirely that her appearance would kill anyone because it is an outward sign of the evilness of her spirit. At times when she finds this unbearable she tries to scrape the flesh from our body, often leaving raw patches on our skin. Often so some reason she will attack the soft skin of our inner thighs. As a child she would push needles into our body, trying to get the badness to release itself.

Because of this she tends to be a loner, living by herself and never talking to anyone. We know little of her personality or interests because of this, and it is our belief that she has never spoken to another person in the Earthen World.

Physical Appearance

We do not know what Needle looks like. The times when she joins us in meetings and committees she shrouds herself in heavy robes that completely cover her body. Her voice is crackly and hoarse, giving the impression of someone that has screamed too much.