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In the night I cried, a tormented lost soul.  Alone I walked, dirty and despairing.  There was an emptiness in the land, the feeling of something lost, forgotten, misplaced.  I never understood how I could feel the ground speaking, or the trees.  But yet they did, they cried out to me.  I was so alone, separated from everyone, a child wandering helplessly in the wilderness.  I didn't know that this was the way of the Priestess, that the childhood had to be alone, spent living in the hazards of the world.  It was a trial by fire.  It was to prove my strength and will.  It was no only in Idia that I had to endure, but also in the world outside its bounds.  There I was constantly tested, having to hold my will against the challenges of her family.  I knew that if I spoke out against their beliefs, if I challenged their rules that I would be punished, that I would suffer.  I knew that the safest route was on of compliance but something else pushed me forward, the calling of the earth for me, what I now know as the Source was propelling me to be strong and hold my ground.

The spiritual beliefs of Idia, are that all life runs from the Source, that it is the current that flows through all living things.  A vein of magic runs through the land.  Every living thing, every natural aspect of the world is connected by this current.   It is not the magic of conjuring, nor that of the faerie folk of this world.  In Idia this magic, what is called earth magic, is the power that runs through everything.  It is nature, the cycle of birth, death, and rebirth.  It binds all together, in a sense of unity.  Allowing those who have learnt, to see the currents that flow between everything, the strengths and at times of crisis the weakness in the flow.  It is that source, and the movement and patterns of the natural world that the religion of Idia is based on.  From that rituals have been learnt, Gods and Goddess's understood, and as Priestess magics have been learnt.  It is our belief that this also exists in this world, and we of the Shire have brought our religion into this world now, integrating it into both our lives.

When I was 16 I was found by an ancient woman, the Skye before me.  It was from her I learnt about these things, and she trained me as her replacement.  The ache, the emptiness I felt, she told me, was because the Source had been forgotten, the people of Idia had lost their way, had lost their culture.  She had lived in isolation most of her life, and the absence of a spiritual base had damaged Idia.  I studied under her for years, learning all I needed to know.  She had never been into the other world she told me, but she warned me against mentioning what I had learnt to those on the other side.   Saying it could be dangerous.  Then after 2 years she told me her time had come to leave, she had made the decision to past on the name to me, and then with the softest of smiles she just died.  From that moment on I was Skye the Priestess.    I still had a lot to learn, but like all things you can only be taught so much, then it is up to you to learn the rest.  I took the shawl from her, placing it over my hair and then I dedicated her back to the Source.  My new life had begun.

Once I met the rest of the Shire, the ancient ones, those that remembered the world when the Gods walked amongst them, welcomed my return.  Others were more skeptical, thinking I can come to convert them, to oppose my beliefs onto them.  But slowly I showed them that my only purpose was to live amongst them, share information when asked.  Neither I or the Source would want anyone coming to them out of fear, to pressure.  If they wished to learn more then I would welcome that.  There has been a growing acceptance of it's faith and practice.  It is now prominent amongst those in the Shire.  And I am always busy, but know longer alone and Idia no longer aches.