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Like many of us, Rebekah started her life in this world with books. The words and stories kept her in this world, even though she was aware of the danger it would bring. Her reading lead along a path to stories of other's suffering. In those stories of the Holocaust she found herself, or at least a reflection of the terror she lived in. She poured over the stories during the years to come, each story different from her own experience, but still the more she read the more she found herself looking back. These people were hated, these people lived with fear and suffering, and they tried to find safety and hope in a world that seemed to want them dead. And for Rebekah these stories offered hope, these people did find a time when their torment ended, when they were rescued and allowed to live again. Also these stories offered her a place to belong, for although not born to Jewish parents, or raised within that religion Rebekah knew beyond question she was in her soul a Jewish girl. It was more than the connection to the suffering, with time came other stories of other people suffering in similar ways, but their culture, their souls never connected to her as those first people had.

During her ninth year the world turned grey for her and she stayed connected to that age, and those experiences. Even with her exploring of the world, what was happening to her made it impossible for her to grow beyond that. It was the year the first of the drugs were given. Drugs that in her words made the colours of the world angry and full of hate. She talks about how the colours moved of the walls and floors and attacked her. Drugs that made her unable to fight back, and unable to run, and it became the colours that brought her terror. So with this terror she shut out all the colour in the world, trying to remove that which was most dangerous. It didn't fix very much, more drugs, more attacks. Her life became filled with strange pills that made stranger things happen.

Rebekah now lives in terror of drugs that control and hurt her. Those innocent little pills seem filled with anger and hate to her and she fights them with all she can. Not only is her fear for the pills but those that present them, for in her mind the hand that holds the pills is the hand of colour, and colour hurts. This is her logic and so everyone that offers medication, that tries to swallow a pill be it for pain relief or other innocuous purpose is someone to be feared. In the end it means she trusts no one, and lives in fear of a world full of colour.

Physical Appearance

She is a dark haired very thin and wiry girl. She lives on the edge of people, always weary and watching, it seems she is always ready to dash away as her guard is never let down. There is something a little wild about her appearance, perhaps just the long hair and ever watching big eyes, this extreme alertness that reminds us of a wild animal constantly checking for a threat. She doesn't often communicate with others, but stays close enough to learn and listen to what is happening. She is one of the many runners in the community, agile and quick in the need to get herself away from perceived danger.