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Sparra has an intense fear of death, based on her experiences during our childhood. Our grandfather had a thing about strangulation. He would wrap his hands around her neck telling her she was going to die, that he would choke her to death. Although it is most likely that she just became unconscious, for her this experience was of death and it left her very fearful of it happening again. She believes she has died at least three times and each time it was a frightening and painful experience. This fear of death is often useful when members of the community become suicidal as Sparra will usually take over to prevent those thoughts being acted on. She will if she can remove us from the threat or take us to someone that will help prevent the suicide happening. In the past this caused some confusion from the professional support because she is often at that time unable to access information about our current life. I don't know how many people have had to face the confusion of an adult woman claiming to be a child unable to give our address or any current details. To her though, the fear of dying outweighs any of the problems that come from telling strangers the reality of our situation.

For a long time Sparra's obsession with dying and her own experiences with death totally controlled her. She was unable to experience anything else because all her energy was focused on that fear. But as we become safer as a community she has been able to start experiencing a fuller life. She has started to take an interest in reading, which was brought about through reading the Harry Potter books. She wants to find more stories to read. She seems to have a big interest in things fantasy, not so much the mystical creatures but people in alternate realms.

Physical Appearance

Sparra is a nine year old girl with long black hair and olive skin. She has large dark brown eyes that always look a little sad. Around her neck are what look like faded bruises. Generally she is pretty quiet and withdrawn, but at times she can be very assertive and determined. Although she is often scared and fearful but when she needs to be she will have the courage to act regardless of her fear.