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The Xanas

The Xanas are actually a small band of creatures that live high in the mountains. We believe there are about 5 of them but it can be hard to find out for certain. Never coming out during day light they hunt at night usually in a pack. They are very quiet and it is said you will not know they are there until they first sink their teeth into you. They do not kill their prey as such but consume the flesh whilst the person is still alive. They use their razor like teeth to slice through the flesh, peeling it from their victims body. Of course the damage causes death eventually. There roaring cry can be heard in the distance at nights.

Some one here told our mother about the Xanas and she still comments on them, it is believed she is afraid of them, not just believing it to be a scary story. We still remain terrified of them and no one has ever tried to make contact. There seems to be a truce though as their has not been an attack in many years, but we now never venture into their territory.

Physical Appearance

They are short squat type creatures. It is hard to tell if they are human or not. They have thick grey skin that has short bristles running from their heads down along the spine and also over their shoulders and upper arms. Their eyes are fully black, large and round. They have rows of razor sharp teeth that hang below their lips. They can move very fast, in a springing gallop a lot like gorillas move.