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People call me a vampire, they speak of me in evil terms.  For you see, I feed of others, but I feel off their pain.  It gives me pleasure and sustenance, I feel it welling up in me as I was.  Emotional pain, physical pain, it has it's own touch, a feel to it.  I don't have to cause it, in fact there is enough pain out in the world that I have to do nothing but wait for it to happen.  Is this really that evil?  To take what others are so willing to feel.  I notice this, that people revel in their pain, they don't really want it to stop.  Why is it so wrong that I in turn enjoy it?  I do nothing, this feeding of mine, only takes what is there, it doesn't so much change it, make it worse or make it better, but the people's pain is released into the world and I am there to feed from it.

I was born from the Mists of Ka`lahda, the place where hopes and dreams are ripped from your soul.  It was in this place of other people's agony that I came forward.  I am the daughter of the Mists, created by agony and pain.  I crave it for it alone fills that place inside me, that is forever left hollow after my formation.

There is a lot of pain in the world, there is an abundance of it in this world and the other.  But pain is something people seem to look for, they crave its touch in their lives.  I watch them seek it out.  But because I live off it, because of the pleasure I so openingly get from it I have been vilified.    People's hypocrisy over this amuses me.  They do not want me around, for they see what I am as evil, but yet their choices and actions call for me, they want the pain, the martyrdom of it but they fear the consequences of that.  If I am evil it is an evilness of their own creation, a consequence of their own actions.  I am, after all what they make me, I could not exist if they did not wish to live with pain in their lives.