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Weber considers himself Furyís protector and has a deep almost spiritual bond to her. He spends most of his time keeping her out of harmís way and facing her rages. He will often go weeks without sleep or food and be left bruised and bleeding from her attacks. All of which he takes willingly and with much love. We used to believe that he protected the world from her but it seems now that it is the opposite. He protects her from the assaults from a world that has damaged her and continues to do so. We are unsure if the relationship between them is one of blood or one of choice.

He seldom has time to come to this world, not wanting to leave Fury unprotected for any length of time. This is probably the main cause of Weberís illiteracy as he has had little chance to learn. He is very soft spoken and gentle. Although very intense when it comes to his defence of Fury. We do not know much about him personally as it appears he has sacrificed his own life in his protection of her.

Physical Appearance

Weber is a man in his mid-20's. He has dark wavy hair. He is often bruised and cut from Fury's attacks. He tends to look very worn out and is very withdrawn and quiet.