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Blind girl isn't really blind. Growing up she developed a belief that some physical disability would keep us safe from the family. This is probably because we had a cousin only about a year younger than us that went up north to a special school for the blind. She, Blindgirl believed, escaped the abuse because she was away from the family for long periods of time. Therefore a disability would enable us to escape as well. Over the years her favourite form of disability would change and eventually blindness was dismissed because it would mean we couldn't keep an eye on everyone. However the name stuck because that is where her original belief developed. She still desires a disability even now that the need is no longer there and has a connection with those people living with disabilities and is very political in her views of discrimination and education. Paradoxically, she has little time for people with visual impairments, probably due to her jealousy that our cousin escapes when she couldn't.

She is no longer very active in the Earthen World, but occasionally shows herself when we have contact with Disability Services at University. Her quiet withdrawn manner usually means she goes unnoticed.

Physical Appearance

Extremely thin she gives an appearance of malnourishment. Her eyes are sunken and her hair seems dull and lifeless. She is about 16, dirty blond hair and her skin has an ashen look to it.