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Listen to our Words

my words are my weapons
they speak the truth
each one in an attack
to break down your defenses
and force to listen
you may not like
or even understand
the truth of which you will hear
but my words
and the pain beneath
will challenge your disbelief

I will speak of things
out of a horror
unbelievable but true
blood rape and death
children sacrificed before they live
a body tortured to breaking point
all in the name of an evil deity
in the quest for power
no one was spared
children broken and bleeding
on a regular basis

Can you listen to more
or are your ears already closing
what I have spoken
is only the general beginning
there is more to come
but my weapons of words
being to fail me
as tears of grief take over
what are tears
a sign of weakness or
a sign of pain
but I can speak of this
without feeling

And what of the baby
taken from my body
her love only known for a minute
how can I tell you what was down
her throat sliced open
the blood collected
her soul then dedicated
as her little body burned
as this was my child
but none ever knew
no life, no name, no one to cry
that is until now

The nights of torture
hours spent in the hole
forced to beat others
with pain showing in their eyes
all this and more
forced me to close off my soul
and hide from the world
I could not be in your space
for the pain was too great
I knew things I should of not

Years of suffering
may of ended now
but the damage that was done to me
remains strong even today
I must bring out our stories
they have remained wordless too long
but who will listen to
these stories of horror
these stories of pain
can you be brave enough
to listen and believe
not to turn us away
from fear of what you will hear