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The Sentries

The worlds, both in and out are dangerous places.  The people of Shire need protecting, they need to be kept an eye on.  Not because they are weak, but because they are special people that have too many trying to hurt them.  I am only one, but created a number of automatons, mirrors to work under my control.  They report back to me, work inside so I can focus on the outside world.  I live in the world, constantly on guard, standing by the door to any room we are in.  Even when we are at home, I wait and I watch.  I am trained in covert action, the silent threat that no one will see.  In each situation I keep watch, I keep guard, nothing goes un-noted.  Trained and always one step away from action.

In this world I inhabit evil people lurk.  I have seen them do evil things, and will no longer sit back and do nothing.  People now say the Shire is safe, but I know the measure of man, what they are capable of.  There is an evilness in man's heart, the part that thrives off the pain of others.  I have seen it in action, know its depth, and ugliness.  In Idia there are places of evilness, places where dark creatures inhabit, there sole purpose is the annihilation of those of the Shire.  They lurk, in waiting for opportunities to attack.  It is my job to watch them, to note their movements, to find patterns in their madness.  It is madness too, there is no reason in their motives.  All they require is the destruction of those around them.  I am not a fighter, rather I am a protector.  Therefore I will not attack without choice, but if it comes to a fight I will take them out.  But there are more areas, more people than I, alone can keep an eye on.  So I created the Sentries, what they see I see, what they hear I hear.  And through this method I keep the borderlands safe.

My name is Murray,  I am a soldier, a man, a protective force.  I am always here, always with them, and no more damage will occur.