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Shire's Natural Multiplicity

In the beginning there was Idia. A land of rugged beauty untouched by much of technology. For generations Idians have lived on these lands, their lives untouched by any outside world. The five tribes lived in harmony with each other, and in harmony with the land. We celebrated our festivals, honoured our Gods, learnt our history and experienced our culture. Life continued, and remained stable. Then came the day the portal opened. We had known it was there, that vertical pool of reflective fluid but no one knew what it was, there was no story, no writing of its use. Most paid it little attention but for others they were fascinated by it. That day, standing before it a young girl, a child before her naming day, touched the water and was pulled through. She found herself in another world, and this world brought horror. She had stepped through to the Earthen World and into a body that was experiencing rape. She had no idea what had happened, but it was an event that would change Idia forever.

We have now worked out the events that lead up to this change. At the very moment that she touched the portal, the Earthen Child, the original inhabitant of this body died. She was at the time being raped by her Grandfather, the abuse at age three too much for her to handle. This would have been the end of the story, for her body would of died, been buried and people would of moved on. But at the moment when the Earthen Child's soul died, but before her body could cease to function, that split second, the unnamed one, stepped into it. We believe the soul of the Earthen Child kept this portal closed, prevented any movement through it, and the death happened at the right time for the unnamed one to find her way through. Thus began our life as a multiple, the experience of living in both worlds, sharing one body in our Earthen One.

So when we listen to the debate on naturally forming multiplicity we often feel confused. For me, natural multiplicity means that the multiple is not formed or created by abuse or trauma. When we think of natural multiplicity in relation to the people existing regardless of abuse happening, it would seem we are a natural multiple. For we all existed before the abuse, we were not born from acts of trauma. Our lives were forever changed by it, but our lives existed before its occurrence. But if you see natural multiplicity as meaning that the multiple is not many because of acts of abuse then we must remove ourselves from that category. For it was the act of abuse, the initial rape that killed the Earthen Child that allowed us to enter this world. We weren't created by abuse, but yet it was the abuse that made us appear multiple in the Earthen World.

Does the label really matter? Well it does for this article, for I am talking about natural multiplicity and what it means for us, in the rest of our lives it really has become a non-event. Like most labels, personal definitions of what they actually mean can be rather varied. There may be those that are annoyed that I would even consider applying the term natural multiplicity to our community since I have already stated that we would not be multiple in the Earthen World if the abuse hadn't taken place. But for us, it is not necessary the abuse that made us multiple. If the unnamed child had chosen to stay in the Earthen body, had shut the portal behind her then no multiple Shire would exist. Likewise if we all hadn't developed lives in the Earthen World Shire would not exist. So therefore, following that logic we are multiple by choice. It was our decision to live as one. It was not the abuse that made us one.

My definition of natural multiplicity is that the people would exist regardless of abuse, rather than there having to be no abuse in the multiples life. The people of Idia would have continued to exist, our lives would have continued on if we had not found our way to the Earthen World. We would have been untouched by the Earthen World, and we would have not touched it in anyway. We existed before the abuse, we would have continued to exist if we didn't become multiple. If anything, I could say that the abuse allowed us to become a natural multiple. What that means to us is that the abuse allowed us to find our way to this world, and that way was to experience it by being many in one body. We remain our individual selves, with our separate Idian lives, but we now also have an Earthen life of many sharing one.

I believe that many have placed the idea of superiority on the concept of natural multiplicity. But this, at least for us isn't the case. It is simply a discussion of origins. The idea, and fight for acceptance that multiplicity isn't linked solely to abuse. It is not about being better than, or more empowered than. It means little when it comes to day to day Earthen life. Whatever our true origins are, we now live in this world as a multiple, experiencing it in our own way and learning to achieve the life we have deemed of value. I honour my origins, I place value in my history. We are learning to celebrate our culture again. It is the idea of natural multiplicity that has helped us in that. Accepting that we existed regardless of the abuse, was for us acknowledging the life before the abuse was real. We were not created to deal with abuse, we did not come into existence because of it. That is why we call ourselves natural, for we exist because we exist rather than because of someone's actions meant we needed to exist.