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Guardian and Censor

We have tried to explain these two ever since we first started talking about our multiplicity.  The reaction we have generally gotten is one of confusion and disbelief.  Maybe that has a lot to do with the misconceptions we find about multiplicity and the people within each community.  So once again we attempt to explain their existence, and the job they perform.

If you have read through this site you may be aware that we do not like talking about the people of the Shire in terms of role or job.  So why are we discussing this about them.  Basically it comes down to the fact that Guardian and Censor are not part of the Shire, they do not belong to it, nor to they live within it.  We have no idea of their origins or their backgrounds.  Rather these two siblings showed up when we discovered our way to the Earthen World.  They seem to exist within that dark line, the middle space between Idia and the Earthen World.  And although they can show themselves in either world, either feels comfortable with doing so.  Whether their home world is within the dark line, or they just reside there is something no one seems to know.

They hold the ultimate power over the Shire, they can and do control who travels between worlds and when that can be done.  They also have ways of controlling how we behave and what we say during our time in the Earthen World.  It is this power that has lead many to perceive them as ISH.  But this term, one we have trouble with anyway, is erroneous when applied to to either of them.  Guardian seems to have a vast knowledge of the Shire, she knows the names of all the residents, and claims in her enigmatic way to know all that has occurred in the Earthen World.  But there is no emotional attachment to the Shire from either, they are there simply to ensure the smooth running of the transition between worlds and enable us to function in the way they have deemed most appropriate.  They do not care for our personal welfare, our mental well-being or our safety.  This seems to be the area that most people have a hard time accepting.  I believe people want to think there is some powerful force here that will take care of us.  And the idea of people that seem to hold a lot of information but are uninvolved with the daily life and challenges involved in that life, seems to hard to accept.

Guardian has on occasion conversed with people from the Earthen world.  Her manner of calmness seems to encourage people to see her in a supportive caring way, although her enigmatic way of communicating tends to piss people off.  She will often speak in riddles, and half truths.  The truth hidden within a lie.  She holds possessively to her knowledge, and will only dish out small portions when she feels the desire to.  She works to her own rules, and never allows anyone to influence her actions or decisions.  Like her brother there is a strength about her, a sureness of her position.  Censor has never appeared to anyone in the Earthen world, and it is believed he never will.  Where Guardian tolerates the Earthen World, Censor seems to hold it in some disdain.  Rather than the knowledge itself he seems more interested in how and what information passes between worlds, or more precisely is past into the Earthen World.  This was not about keeping the abuse secret, but rather had to do with the methods of traveling and what could be said about the life in Idia.  His control over that was extreme and dictatorial, he will, without warning, remove words, knowledge or concepts from the person's mind whilst they are in the Earthen world, making it impossible for that person to complete the idea they started.  This isn't just forgetfulness, it is the temporary deletion of that idea.

In the early days of our awareness of being multiple, we saw these two as merely humanised forms of system management.  We saw multiplicity as solely a coping mechanism, the brain fragmenting, so they weren't real, no one here was, they were just aspects of the whole given form.  We now no longer view our multiplicity in that way, but Guardian and Censor still are seen as the management team.  We know them to be people in their own right, but we just are not part of, or have any knowledge of what their life is like.