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Words That Speak

I will speak of words that dance in the air creating patterns of light and colour in front of you. Words that show the beauty that comes from their creation. Words of power, of magic and of beauty, words that bring to life the dreams and tales of our lives. Words that invite you into our souls and show you what lies there. Words that bring images of life you don't know and shows you our truth. These words are a gift, an offering we make.

But when I spoke the words were met with hatred, with talk of sickness, the disgrace of God and scorn. You taught us to deny the words we wished to speak, renounce them and their true meaning. What once held beauty now held danger, and the truth of our words meant nothing but lies.

When we first spoke them they were words unknown. Nothing but noise to your ears and we were told to stop speaking, that only the words of the world had value and we needed to speak then alone. So we learnt your words and hid our own, you taught us shame for speaking of our own words and your shame virtually killed our words forever.

We grew older and our words became blasphemous. They were of no value because they did not belong in this world. Talk only of what we can see, you said, talk of the real and forget these fanciful flights. Our words told of tales of other places, of Gods unknown, and places unseen, they spun their stories and yet they brought looks of scorn and horror. Silence those words you cried, the time for make believe has passed.

We became old and new people heard our words. They rushed to us and peered at our being. Renounce those words, they demanded again, and we will make you well. They saw illness in our words instead of beauty and truth. You wrung your hands and cried at the disgrace, for speaking of my words showed me lost from you. Others whispered to hide them away, that belonging not words were what was of value. Speak of words only heard from others, become a mimic not a singer of words. So I hid the words behind the ones you wished to hear and you smiled.

So now I return to speak my words. I will not be silenced or shamed away. If you hear them you can judge me still. You can label me with your words of hate and disgust. You can claim me ill, a fraud or creative. You can discount each word but they will keep coming. I speak of my truth, of the beauty I see. I stand proud as I speak the words I was taught to keep silence. Speak of words that are of me, of words that tell the stories I have known and the world I have seen. Turn away if you must, but the words have been reborn again.