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Multiplicity is not Superior

So often I listen to multiples bemoaning their existence. It seems they are unable to see themselves as nothing more that aspects of a disordered mind. I come across web sites that are full of tragedy and grief. On those pages there is much talk of intense pain and disordered behaviour that is intrinsically linked to multiplicity. I do not doubt that these people have immense struggles in their life, nor to I doubt that for some people multiplicity is actually disordered, but it is the claims that all multiplicity exists as it does for them, without exception. And often as people speak of their horror and craziness, but then claim to not want to be seen as mentally ill. These sites may irritate me. Often I feel like hitting my head against a brick wall when I read such stories. I have little time for people that portray themselves as victims and perpetuate the stereotypes of multiplicity as a mental illness.

But I have noticed a change. Maybe it is simply the pendulum swinging to the other extreme before settling at the medium. But I have found that for many multiples it is now not just a type of existence, it is being portrayed as a form of superiority. Suddenly it seems multiplicity makes you more intelligent, more psychically aware, more creative. It makes you superior to non multiples. I personally don't get that. Sure I can understand the acceptance stance of multiples, and I can even believe that many celebrate their multiple existence, but what I can't comprehend is how having more than one person share your body will make you intrinsically superior to those that only have one person. Suddenly intelligence and creativity are signs of multiplicity, like only multiples can exhibit them. Yes I know of multiples that are highly intelligent, or highly creative, but I also know of non multiples that have those qualities.

I am not saying that I think myself inferior based on the fact that I am part of a multiple community. I do not view myself as inferior or superior due to the basic fact I have to share this body with others. I really believe it doesn't make much difference to who I am regardless. I am simply myself, a person living a life like the next person. I always wonder if you have to claim your superiority over others that it indicates the opposite. That you are claiming superiority to assert feelings of fragile self worth.

As this change occurs there seems a new type of multiple police. Those that see only good in being multiple. They refuse to accept that multiplicity can bring with it many issues and trials. They refuse to acknowledge that there are negative things to being multiple, and anyone that does is seen as the enemy. It seems to have become a time when complaining about multiplicity is the same as saying it is an illness. Instead of being all bad it has become all good. Often times these people that hold multiplicity up as a form of superior act derogatory to those that have to reach out for help in dealing with their multiplicity. It would appear now that no real multiple needs outside help.

Is not this belief that multiplicity as being all good just as invalidating as it being all bad. I have yet to met a multiple that does not have issues with their multiplicity. There is always some problem. Whether it be not getting enough time in the day, having to buy food you don't like, or finding cuts on your arm you didn't make. It can be small things, or drastic things. Some people might not have negative unhealthy behaviours to deal with, but they still might have to deal with waking up in the morning to find the once clean house messy and disordered.

I feel comfortable with my multiplicity. It is simply the way of my life. There are times when I just wish they would go away, that wish I could just have sometime alone in my life. But this is not the case, but then what kind of life is without its stresses. I see nothing wrong with someone being happy with their multiple existence, I don't even mind if they say they prefer it to a non-multiple existence. But this new attitude of it being all wonderful and superior, that in fact it puts you above everyone else. I don't see multiplicity as anything but the mere fact there is more than one inhabitant using a body. Many people claiming this superiority now call themselves empowered multiples. But I do not believe that is how the term was ever meant to be used. Empowerment is not acting superior to others, nor is it about ignoring the more difficult part of life. This to me is as fake as victims calling themselves survivors. Melanie