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Journey to Idia

Idia, the land beyond this one, our true home. We see ourselves as Idian and our life in the Earthen World is that of visitors, of strangers from a strange land. But yet both have value, both give us strength and enjoyment.

We wish to share with you the lives, the culture, and history of our world. It is precious to us, it is a land of ancient culture, of beauty and of strength. By sharing Idia with you, we are sharing ourselves. A cultural exchange, a way into lives unseen until now. Whilst the fear of opening up our borders remains, so the desire to show you our world grows.

Wilderness Years
The period of chaos and dishonour that swept the lands. A time of great shame for all Idians.

Building of the Shire
The first steps to rebuild a community torn apart by the Wilderness Years

The Underground Meeting
Meeting called to deal with the disbelief of Earthen People

Mytholodgy and Culture of Idian Life

Creation Myth