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The Rusalkas

Avengers of girl's souls taken by abuse.  Protectors of women and girls.  Persecutors of those that harm.  We never rest, always sightful, waiting and ready.

Five girls, each died from abuse, now living in spirit form. All they were, all they thought, all they felt lives now in one consciousness spread amongst five bodies.  When they come out of hiding, show themselves to us, they move as one, each step, each motion, their bodies connected some how, acting in unison.  Each holding another's hand, each speaking in perfect time with the rest.  They work as one, they run, they talk, they hunt.  They live far within the depths of the woods, never seen unless they choose to be, moving silently, always watching.

They each died a violent death, brought about at the hands of those that were suppose to protect and love them, their sole purpose now is to take revenge not only for their death, but the deaths of all the others that have suffered that way.  They have hunted down abusers inside, like an animal pack, circling them, terrorising them, then leaping clawing and scratching the offender to death.  There is no jury, no judge, just instant justice metered out without question.  They don't believe in the justice of man, the need for a trial does not enter their mind, it is solely about retribution.

Physical Appearance

Each girl has their own look, but they all have in common eyes that are pure white and skin and hair drained of all colour. There clothes are generally tattered and dirty. They don't often interact with other people and have a demeanour of a combination of caution and simmering rage.