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Most of the sites I had here have all closed, so I am doing a revamp.

Astraea's Web
A very comprehensive site, another one in my opinion it has a slight anti survivor feel, but still worth a read.

A Layman's Guide to Multiplicity
A very good guide to multiplicity, I couldn't write anything better, would recommend it to anyone interested in multiplicity.

Stardance : Shaytar
Probably one of the strongest influences for us being able to honour the truth of our reality.

Email Lists
There are many email lists available. Do a search on either at Yahoo Groups and Topica

Some I like are as follows:
Dark Personalities
A rather high volume, totally uncensored list. Has some involved discussions.

Raging Quiet
My list, more focused on recovery issues, open honest discussion, exercises and sharing of the healing journey. There is a mandatory participation rule on this list that requires fortnightly check ins. Multiples and non Mulitples welcome


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