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Honouring Our Truths

We can not, nor do we wish to forget our past. It taught us many things, some we no longer wish to have, some that have made us strong. But it is this past that shaped us, for we are all products of our past. The only way to live well in the present is to acknowledge and accept the past that brought you here.

Our Daughter, Phoebe
Remembering and grieving for the daughter we lost.

Lessons in Creativity
How the joy of creating was lost to us.

First Day Home
The story our Mother told us of our first day home.

Speaking the truth of this woman that still terrifies us.

Lessons my Mother Taught Us
My mother taught me many things, mostly how to hate who I was.

The Lie of Satanism
How accepting the label of Satanic Ritual Abuse caused us much damage.

Easter As It Was
An overview of our Easter experiences.
Easter As It Is
Easter as it is for us now.

The Shed Events
Living with what happened in the shed with our grandfather, was it remorse or just another game.

The Story So Far
Our attempt to write out our life, the abuse we lived with.