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When I was diagnosed as having Multiple Personality Disorder, everything said that it was at worst a terrible disease, and at best a wonderful coping mechanism. But this did not fit, this wasn't want we thought ourselves to be. Over time we have totally abandoned the pathology of MPD, and now consider ourselves simply multiple. Our multiplicity isn't a disorder, a coping mechanism, or a gift. It just is.

But in saying that I know for many the idea of multiple is a strange one. So here I have decided to try to share some of my thoughts about multiplicity, and explain a little about how it works for us. Maybe I will inspire, or educate, but I just want to share.

Deaths Inside
People within the Shire community can die. For the Shire there are a number of types of death. This is not integration.

Intergation for Us
Although the people of the Shire will not integrate, there are some instances that integration will happen.

Thoughts on Integration
Integration is one of those controversial topics, here are our thoughts on it.

Shire's Guidelines for Others
A personal list of how to interact with a multiple.

Questions that Irritate
Some of the questions that can cause problems.

Discussion on some of the terms and labels associated with multiplicity

We do not have Multiple Personality Disorder
Why we don't think of ourselves as having MPD

GateWay Theory
A theory of the origins of existence of the Shire

Shire's Natural Multiplicity
Explaining why we believe we existed before we were abused.

Holy War by ~Victress
Her essay about what she sees as a war amongst the fractions in the multiple community.

Strangers from a Strange Land
Are we multiple or are we something else.

Why We Reject the Label of MPD
Our refusal to be labelled by the medical profession.

ISH Fraud
Our rebuttal of the belief that all systems have an Internal Self Helper

What is Your Role?
Our annoyance at being placed into tiny little boxes.

Some Things I Just Want to Say
Someone's expression about multiplicity and some of the sterotypes

The Processes of the System
An attempt to explain how interaction and movement between the Shire and the Outside World works.