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Road To Recovery

Recovery, at least for us, is a life long journey. It is about learning about ourselves, our hopes, our beliefs, and desires. It is about living a life that makes us feel strong and proud. It is also about dealing with the past that did its best to damage us.

We are not broken, but we are damaged. Recovery is about repairing that damage. Learning new belief systems, healing old wounds, and finding a way to live with a healthy empowerment. Recovery is about learning what is right for us and working to get that.

Triggers and Being Triggered
Triggers will happen, but there are ways to deal with them.

Reading about Multiplicity
The Good and the Bad of reading about multiplicity.

The divisions of these labels, but I have been all, and at times still find myself in each one.

Words that Speak
Finding the courage to say the words so long kept silent.

Sex and Children: A personal opinion
Isabella's views on the concept of "inner" kids having sex.

Ritual Abuse is Different
Our views of how ritual abuse differs from other forms of abuse.

Victim or Perpetrator - a cycle of ritual abuse
Responsibility for the ritual abuse violence towards others