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The Five Tribes

Rah is one of those words in Idian that has many meanings. Basically it is "the People". But within various contexts it can mean many things, person, people, tribe, person of. We are Rah, the people of Idia.

There are five Rah in Idia. Each Tribe is associated with one of the five elements in Idian culture. Each tribe is of equal importance within Idia regardless of the elemental association.

There are a few of the Shire that do not belong to a tribe. They are either, visitors to Idia, or demons from beyond the time of the tribes.

Those of the Shire

Words written from or about various members of the Shire.
Devon Xanas Felena Secret of Hope
Kat Olivia The Sentries Tryall
Melanie The Librarian Guardian of the Glade Brina
Priestess Daemon Yzta Viviane
Abra Guardian and Censor

Pictures we found that remind us of many of those of the Shire, not necessarily exact representations, but familar feel to them. (May take a while to load)
Pictures of Rah`d`Garahd
Pictures of Rah`d`Furei
Pictures of Rah`d`Nahrei
Pictures of Rah`d`Fahrekd
Pictures of Rah`d`Furahd